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Stewarding Finances

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Hey everyone!

This is Sam. I hope to share my story and some insight on the topic of money!

My Finances Story

Money can be a touchy subject, and many times, in the Christian setting, not spoken about in the right context. If you grew up anything like me, money wasn’t talked about openly at home. With my mother telling me the importance of giving my money to God and my dad not really saying much about money, I didn’t have much guidance growing up on how to steward my money.

IMG_7618.JPGI’m not in any regard the best at managing my money but I have picked up lots of tools and ways in stewarding my finances from the books (the Bible has great advice), podcasts, and mentors in my life and I think it might be helpful for some.

Money in the Bible

Did you know money is the second most discussed topic in the Bible? The bible does warn about how money can be a deterrent and distract someone from God. There is a well known verse in Matthew 6:24 states that one can’t have two masters and serve both God and wealth.

Many can take this verse to be the sole statement the bible makes which can be wrong. Does that verse conflict with Proverbs 13:22, where it states that a good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children?

I’d like to suggest it doesn’t. The Bible appropriately warns us against being consumed with putting money first so much so that it becomes more important than anything else, which is harmful. Money itself is a tool and can be used to serve generations.

One of the first and most basic ideas that my dad taught me through his actions was that I should save money. Money can be spent more easily today than ever before with the internet and the convenience of spending. You can go to the mall and spend money using your watch to simply tap a screen or tap your credit card. There is no sense of loss and therefore the act of spending is done without much of a deterrent. 

A Helpful Tip

One of the processes that Dave Ramsey, a knowledgeable finance coach, encourages folks who are struggling with debt and overspending to use cash! Cut up all credit cards and simply use cash to spend as psychologically, it hurts to spend money. You can see that you had more before you purchased those new pairs of shoes and now you feel that you have less unlike just swiping or tapping your card. 

Today, I’d like to leave those who might be wrestling with overspending and/ or debt to consider this idea. Thanks for reading and look forward to hearing from you all.


Samuel Kwak


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