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The Inreach Fund is a fund that is setup to assist those with financial needs in our church community. To apply for funding, please reach out to Frank Chung or any of the church leaders. You may also apply through the Inreach Request Form.


When the COVID-19 pandemic started, we knew that people in our church could be struggling financially. As a church family, we wanted to support members within our church community, as family help each other out, especially when things get really hard. As a result, the Inreach fund was created and has been used to donate over $1,700 (and counting!) to our members.


Donations - If you'd like to contribute to the fund, please send funds to @Frank-Chung-2 via Venmo! If you would like to send funds another way, please feel free to message ANY leader. Thank you for your generosity!

Referring someone - If you know someone who may need financial help, please reach out to Frank Chung or any other leader or fill out the Prayer Request & Pastoral Care Form above and the Inreach Committee will review your request!


You can trust that 100% of your donation will be going to the Inreach effort. In order to increase transparency about where your money is going, we post updates on Inreach donations on Facebook approximately every 2 months so everyone can keep track of how much money we are raising for our community. Please see our Facebook page 'Oikos LA' for those updates!