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Serving As A Small Group Leader

Sarah Blog

Hi Oikos LA! #OKLA

My name is Sarah. I am currently serving as the Website Administrator at Oikos LA and as a small group leader for TITUS Youth Ministry. 

For the last three years I had been leading the high school girls until they graduated last year. I was meaning to take a break since I've been serving every year since I was in high school.

However, because of a shortage of teachers, I was compelled to take the current seventh graders. It was only later that I realized this was the first class I had ever served as a TA when they were in kindergarten seven years ago! I still have my group photo, which was fun to show off (and embarrass) some of my students.

See the picture below!

TA Picture

Being a small group leader during a pandemic is an interesting experience, especially when I have never met some of my students in person before. However, I believe this time is critical and formative for them, and I would like to be an effective steward for the glory of God.

I have countless experiences and memories from TITUS (which I might share later on in the future!) that have aided in my spiritual and emotional growth that I hope the youth today can also encounter themselves.

At first, it was daunting and confusing being a leader, but over the years I have grown more confident and comfortable. I hope my time with them is valuable as I learn how to better listen and lead as Jesus led others.

Being a TITUS teacher is a great way to serve others and grow in your faith. If you want to serve God and have a heart that gets excited about helping others, then you’ve got what it takes to be a small group leader!

Blessings to you,

Sarah C.

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